Blackbeard’s Treasure

Escape room Leeds

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The infamous Blackbeard is dead. His famous treasure lies in wait to be discovered. Will you embark on this perilous treasure hunt?

You are in the on board a ship, poised in battle for dominion over the High Seas. The captain of the ship, the sinister Blackbeard has perished in battle. The crew are forced to flee from defeat as the ship is being attacked and continues to sink.

You can taste the bitterness of defeat. You and the rest of scurvy-ridden crew do not intend to go down with the ship.

Before fleeing, you manage to break into captain Blackbeard’s private quarters. You are in search of the late captain’s precious treasure chest. As you force your way in and loot as much as you can, horror strikes. The door slams shut behind you, locking you in. You only have 60 minutes to escape with the treasure and evade a watery grave.

Please note: This room also has wheelchair access for 2 users per group.

Age: This game is 8+. U16’s must have a paying adult present in the team.

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